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Pool Repainting, SoFlo Pool Decks and Pavers of Palm Beach

Painting a pool isn’t always the first option among owners and those who decide to build one. However, it is the most affordable and can give you a great finish if the paint used is the right one. The only problem is that pool repainting will be required as essential maintenance. Otherwise, your feature will look dull with time, and the structure won’t be as durable. After all, the paint brings protection and resistance besides the aesthetical look. Choose carefully who handles the process, so you don’t regret painting the pool. At SoFlo Pool Decks and Pavers of Palm Beach, our team knows everything about the process.

We can have your pool repainted quickly and with the best products. This way, you don’t have to worry about continuously reviewing this service. We ensure this by taking our time, preparing the pool properly, and applying the paint with the right equipment and technique. You won’t have to worry about the details as our company and contractors take everything into their hands.

We will bring recommendations in the color and the specific design you can get during the process. With more contractors and experts in the field, you can have multiple shapes and colors handled. All you have to do is let our team know, and we will make it possible for you.

Nevertheless, before we tackle all the painting for you, we want to know: is this what you need? You probably nod if your pool has been painted all this time and is old or discolored. You need to remember that you can repaint your pool even when it isn’t the main material or option used for it.

For instance, pool owners with plaster or similar finishes can use this. Although it will be in fewer areas or square feet, all the parts look like new. This is why inspecting the pool before we say “yes” to repainting is crucial. It will give you a good idea of what is needed while our painters better understand the project’s scope.

Repainting Your Pool Involves More Than Paint

If you want a stunning and durable result, you must deal with the issues first.

Requiring repainting means your pool is old or has been damaged. It doesn’t need to be literal but must be discolored and stained in some spaces. When this happens, you usually have cracks and some filtrations to consider.

Our team will get there and ensure we deal with all the small yet crucial details. For it, we inspect the pool and notice the details we need to handle. This way, you have it repainted but also like new in terms of structure and durability.

This part of the project is usually included in the cost of repainting. However, any extra fees will be noticed before we perform any repair or extra service so you can decide whether we proceed or not.

Besides the repairs, we need to prepare the surface. Removing the old paint completely and priming the pool is required so the paint can last and bring all the benefits. The prep work is crucial to guarantee a good finish and ensure you don’t have to repeatedly go over it when it should be able to last a specific amount of time.

All the details of the process and how our team handles it for you will be included in the estimate we provide. This way, you get to see step-by-step how our team repaints your pool.

How Our Pool Repainting Process Works

Now that you know what it takes to repaint, we want to tell you more about us and how we handle it.

Besides the inspection and planning, we must review the design and choices with you. What color do you want? What about the shapes and designs? Or maybe the final finish you want to get?

Our contractors will choose the better paint that bonds to your walls. This will ensure you get a stunning result but, mostly, a durable one. We take our time choosing the right paint type with you and review the different options.

Sometimes, the type will make the colors available vary. You might think this doesn’t matter much when you go for the usual blue. However, the different shades, tones, and entire palettes differ from the types.

You must consider what you can get and then focus on the final option. We will bring all of them to the table so you can review the types and decide.

In terms of type, you have epoxy, rubber-based and water-based acrylic. Your option will also bring more or fewer expenses since the amount of paint needed varies. While we are at this, your pool type will also make the decision more difficult.

What happens when the entire selection and design processes are done? We start the project.

Our SoFlo Pool Decks and Pavers of Palm Beach team will go over the different steps:

  • Drain the pool in the right way.
  • Let the walls dry and make sure all the surface is ready.
  • We scrub the wall so the new paint can bond well.
  • Etch the surface.
  • We will tape up the tiles.
  • Mix the paint and focus on getting the right texture.
  • Paint with the right equipment and materials.
  • We start with the primer and not the paint.
  • Finally, apply the paint carefully and with the right technique.
  • Let the new coat dry.

In most cases, 2 or 3 coats are needed to ensure the pool is ready and done. This is why the time for the project can vary depending on the pool’s size and how many coats it requires.

We will let you know the exact timeline once you contact us and request your free estimate! Rest assured. We will receive all your requests and tell you what is possible. Thus, feel free to ask anything about the painting and how our team can handle this project for you.

And remember, our service is available for residential and commercial property owners.