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Pool Lighting-SoFlo Pool Decks and Pavers of Palm Beach

Can you consider your pool perfect if you didn’t include pool lighting in the design? We doubt it. However, finding experts who can handle the project correctly is quite a challenge. This is because most companies use cheap products and don’t focus on aesthetics and designs. As easy as it may seem, lighting isn’t just about placing light bulbs and cables. You have to make sure the colors and types of light are in harmony with the pool and the rest of the outdoors. Our team at SoFlo Pool Decks and Pavers of Palm Beach guarantees you a stunning result.

The best part of working with us is that you get top-quality products. You won’t have to pay a fortune for them, and installation is included as you decide to work with our team. the entire crew is conformed of designers and contractors who understand the scope of landscaping. This allows us to worry about durability, longevity, and structure. However, for pool lighting, we want to ensure all features and fixtures are stunning, blend well with your current design, and meet the vision you want. In other words, we have what it takes to have a bright pool on your property.

You can rest assured our products and the fixtures we use are safe. All of them are meant for pool use or to be blended with water features. This guarantees no accidents take place and anyone can get close to them without you worrying about their safety. We prioritize this even before the aesthetics and purpose of your lighting request.

When you’re considering having a pool in your outdoor space, you will want to focus on how some fixtures and additional features will enhance its look and also bring a more relaxing and even safer ambiance that will make you and everyone else feel comfortable in the pool area.

If you already have a pool, you probably notice that worrying about pool lighting is crucial in order to have enough lights to see where you’re going, if the pool doesn’t have any problems, and just bring a new atmosphere to the outdoor living space. There’s a lot you can achieve with lighting this feature, but make sure you have reliable professionals who can guarantee good products and services while doing so. Our team at SoFlo Pool Decks and Pavers of Palm Beach is always working with this service since we know how crucial it is over the simple fact of aesthetics.

You see, electrical fixtures are an important aspect of the project since it isn’t only about making the pool look beautiful and having specific lights installed so you can see inside the water or achieve similar goals. This entire lighting project involves working on the surrounding area of the pool so you have enough vision and won’t have problems lighting up the pool whenever you want to spend some time or because your clients need the pool available all night long.

We will work on installing lighting on the edges, making paths if needed with the lights themselves, and ensuring that all underwater fixtures will last and offer great lighting of the pool while you create a new ambiance for everyone who will be using it while you compliment all the style and design of your outdoor living space.

It Isn’t As Simple As It Looks

Contrary to popular belief, pool lighting is not that simple, which is why we always recommend relying on professionals who know what the best options are, focus on using the best materials, and can install each fixture in the right places making sure accidents won’t take place and that the final result of enhancing the looks and bringing comfort in how people can access the area is achieved equally.

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Our team has been working hard to always choose top-quality products so you don’t have to worry about their durability, performance, and longevity. You will have lights that will last for months and years, depending on which ones need to be used for each part of the pool, and you won’t have to worry about electricity and how to deal with it, to consider the type of area in your hands, and we’re working with.

In order to deliver a good service and understand what you need to make your pool area stunning and accessible thanks to the lighting installed, we will assess it, see how it looks both during the day and night and comes up with different lights and systems or fixtures we will need to use.

In this process, your preferences and needs are what matter, and although we can simply come up with a design that goes well with the entire outdoor space, you can always request specific colors and lights and highlight some areas of the space with electrical fixtures.

For instance, maybe you want the pool to be lit since this is the main goal of the service and project. However, in this process, you may want to have specific features near the pool highlighted and lit up as well so you can create a specific design or bring a vision you have regarding your space.

We are open to this type of request, and we want to make sure you’re satisfied and happy with the result. This is why assessing your space before we’re able to bring a design your way and understand how we can achieve the desired result is needed. This allows us to see the structure, design, and style of the pool itself and how we can work around it and your preferences and needs, so you have pool lighting that just enhances everything to the next level. For this, qualified and experienced professionals in the field will be working next to you and bringing different options while always using the best materials and products to guarantee safety and durability above everything else.

We Can Either Install or Replace Them

If you’re trying to access our service in order to have your pool lighting replaced because:

  • You don’t like it anymore.
  • You have some repairs or lights that need replacement because they stopped working.
  • You want to achieve a new style.

We are here to serve you in this way as well. This doesn’t have to be your first time working with pool lighting, nor request an installation as if it was. In fact, if you need us to replace them and even perform some repairs, always let our team know, and we will happily serve you while focusing on this aspect.

Sometimes, pool owners need to upgrade their existing electrical systems and features for more functional ones. Considering that new technologies and products are added to the market and industry every day, you can opt for new fixtures and equipment that will help you save money in electricity bills, work better in how they light up the pool, or just bring a different style by how they are designed.

There are many reasons for needing replacement, and we want to make sure you’re aware of this since allowing you to understand your needs is part of our job and support. This will bring more options, allow us to understand what you will need in your space as well, and ensure you are satisfied with the final result.

There are many considerations, and we will work hard so we can go over each one and help you either if this is a replacement or repair job or if you only need us to install these lighting and electrical fixtures for the first time.

Contact our team, and we will be happy to provide you with a quote based on the size of your pool and all the fixtures needed to achieve the desired result.